Meditizer vs. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers: Which Is Best? 

Meditizer vs. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers: Which Is Best?

Ever since the explosion of COVID-19 in early 2020, hand sanitizers have become a permanent fixture on our desktops, in our bags, and at the entryways of grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms, and other public facilities.

It’s a common belief that alcohol-based sanitizers are safe and offer long-lasting protection against harmful microbes, but unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. In reality, alcohol sanitizers only offer protection for up to two minutes.

Surprised? You’re not alone. A survey shows that most people think alcohol sanitizers protect against germs for 30 times longer than they actually do.

Don’t worry, we’re here to clear up the confusion. In this article, we’ll be discussing why alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not the optimal choice when it comes to protecting yourself and your family from dangerous pathogens. We’ll also introduce you to a safer, more effective sanitizing solution called Meditizer.

What Is Meditizer?

Meditizer is a revolutionary alcohol-free, medical-grade sanitizer that uses a unique copper-infused magnesium hydroxide microplatelet and benzalkonium chloride formula. This proprietary defense system kills pathogens on contact by destroying their capsid envelope and disrupting their genetic code.

Why should you choose alcohol-free Meditizer over popular alcohol-based sanitizers? Here are the top reasons Meditizer is the optimal choice for sanitizing hands, high-touch surfaces, and masks.

1: Offers Extended Protection

Alcohol-based sanitizers can kill germs that are on your hands or other surfaces at the time of application, but don’t offer long-lasting protection. In fact, alcohol-based sanitizer only offers protection from germs for up to two minutes, the time it takes for the alcohol to evaporate on your skin. This leaves people vulnerable to germs almost immediately after application.

Meditizer, on the other hand, not only thoroughly disinfects your hands, but also offers the longest lasting protection of any sanitizer on the market. It uses innovative technology that creates a molecular barrier, offering continuous protection for four hours after each application. That’s 480 times longer than popular alcohol-based sanitizers.

2: Offers More Robust Protection

On top of having a short window of effectiveness, alcohol evaporates very rapidly when applied to the skin. This is an issue because, according to a recent review, alcohol and non-alcohol sanitizers need a minimum contact time of 30 seconds to inactivate a range of enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

In some cases, this 30-second contact time may never be reached, resulting in inadequate protection against harmful pathogens.

To address this issue, many manufacturers add glycerol to alcohol-based sanitizers, which results in increased contact times, but leaves the skin surface sticky—a contra-indication for skin cleanliness.

Unlike alcohol-based formulas, Meditizer doesn’t stop working after it dries. Its unique formula is 99.9% effective against harmful pathogens, including COVID-19, C. diff, influenza, E. coli, MRSA, CRE, avian infectious bronchitis, and many other pathogens, offering sustained protection on contact.

Additionally, Meditizer is non-sticky and has no scent, making for a pleasant sanitizing experience.

3: Free of Harmful Chemicals

Did you know that some alcohol-based sanitizers on the market have been found to contain high levels of cancer-causing chemicals, including benzene, acetaldehyde, and acetal?

A number of alcohol-based sanitizers also contain triclosan, which some studies suggest may disrupt natural hormone cycles, impact fertility, and contribute to antibiotic resistance.

With Meditizer, you can have peace of mind that the formula is free from harmful chemicals and perfectly safe for adults and children alike. This has been confirmed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

4: Safe for Children

Speaking of children’s safety, having alcohol-based sanitizer around young children poses a health risk. These products contain 40-95% alcohol, and ingesting even just a little bit can cause symptoms or intoxication in children.

Meditizer offers an alternative that is safe to use and store around children, as it’s free of alcohol and harmful chemicals and doesn’t sting if it gets in an open cut or the eyes. It’s also non-flammable and will not stain surfaces, providing further peace of mind.

5: Gentle and Safe on the Skin

To receive adequate protection from an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you must apply it frequently, which can quickly lead to dry, cracked, irritated skin.

As an alcohol-free sanitizing solution, Meditizer doesn’t produce skin-drying effects, nor does it burn when applied. In fact, this hypoallergenic solution actually moisturizes the skin while killing harmful bacteria and viruses on contact.

This makes it a particularly good choice for people who need to frequently sanitize their hands, such as healthcare workers.

6: Cost-Effective

Lastly, because Meditizer only needs to be applied every four hours, it’s a more cost-effective solution than alcohol-based sanitizers, which must be applied continuously throughout the day. In an eight-hour workday, you’d only need to apply Meditizer twice compared to 240 times for an alcohol-based sanitizer.

A Final Word on Sanitizer

As information about the downsides of alcohol-based sanitizers continues to be uncovered, more and more businesses and institutions are reducing their reliance on them. This includes the UK government, which is removing alcohol-based sanitizers from all of their hospitals and government offices and switching to alcohol-free ones.

If you’re looking to follow suit, consider Meditizer for your sanitizing needs. Whereas alcohol-based sanitizer is a quick method for cleaning your hands, Meditizer is a complete solution to disinfecting your hands and receiving continuous protection.

Don’t sanitize, Meditize. In doing so, you’ll receive the most robust protection for yourself and your family for hours after each use.

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