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How much does Meditizer cost?

Meditizer is available in a number of forms and sizes for example

1 – oz Spray Bottle

4 – oz Squeeze Bottle

1 – Gallon Pump

5 – Gallon Jug

250 – Gallon Tote

500 – Gallon Drum

Meditizer is also available in multiple forms:

  • Hand Soap bottles or dispenser cartridges
  • Hand spray bottles or dispenser cartridges
  • Skin & Surface spray bottles or dispenser cartridges
  • Room Foggers (small, medium, large)
  • Pathogen Blasters (3’ and 6’ coverage)
  • Wet Wipes 300 sheets per canister or cases of 24
  • Touchless Dispensers
  • Biometric Dispensers with HIPAA compliant data collection & reporting

The cost of Meditizer varies depending on the use case and volume of product purchased

The best way to get current pricing is to fill out a form to request a quote

Can I buy Product Samples?

Yes, you may buy Meditizer product samples in 1 oz spray bottles available in:


12- pack




You can request Hand Sanitizer Concentrate (Gel) or Skin and Surface Spray (Mist).

Both products work for 4-continuous hours on skin

What does Meditizer protect against ?

Covid-19, C.Diff, C.Diff Spore Form, MRSA, Influenza and 30 other deadly pathogens.

What are the ingredients of Meditizer ?

Benzal Chromium Chloride (BNZ) used as a preservative in low dosage

Charged Copper & Magnesium infused microplatelets used to kill deadly pathogens for 4-hours

     There are no toxic or harmful chemicals. 


Is Meditizer safe to use ?

Meditizer is FDA cleared as a medical-grade sanitizer device

It is classified as a device because it offers a mechanical kill rather than a chemical kill

This makes Meditizer safe for humans but deadly for viral pathogens

Safe for children and safe for senior citizens even with eczema or small cuts or scrapes

What does Meditizer smell like ?

Meditizer is slightly scented with orange (almost undetectable)

No harsh smell like alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide based products

It does not smell, burn, string or stain clothes

Is Meditizer FDA Approved ?

Meditizer is FDA Cleared which means all label claims have been verified

Including Meditizer’s ability to protect against 30 deadly pathogens for 4-hours after each use

Where is Meditizer made ?

Meditizer is made in the USA in Memphis, TN USA

Does Meditizer offer any sales or distribution programs ?

Meditizer authorizes qualified salespeople and distribution partners on a limited basis

Why should I buy Meditizer ?

Because Meditizer is the only FDA cleared medical-grade sanitizer device that kills 30 deadly pathogens on contact and works for 4-continuous hours after each without using any toxic chemicals.

Meditizer is safe to use and creates a pleasant experience when applied.

Meditizer does not smell, string or dry out skin or cause premature again.

Meditizer Hand Sanitizer is a concentrate requiring .25 to .5 ML only which is substantially less than competitive products.

Meditizer provides broader protection and longer lasting efficacy of 4-hours after each use

Meditizer often saves money by using less product than competitive products which use alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide or other toxic chemicals.

Meditizer disables deadly pathogens on contact and eliminates wasted time waiting for chemicals to work.

Meditize saves direct cost over most competitors and saves indirect costs by preventing infection by C.Diff, C.Diff Spores and MRSA as well as 30 other pathogens.

Meditizer is made in the USA from a FDA Approved, eCMP certified facility.