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A revolutionary bacteria and pathogen defense system, Meditizer provides antibacterial protection against pathogens in a one-step application that is alcohol free.

Meditizer kills COVID-19 and other pathogens on contact and uses a unique, proprietary, and patented mode of action that penetrates the epidermis to provide continuous protection.

The copper and magnesium platelets used are safe for humans. These platelets disable the pathogens by destroying their capsid envelope and disrupting their genetic code.

US patent number 7,892,447

Factory Direct

Our product is made in the USA and 100% sourced ingredients from the USA. Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved since 2006. Our patent pending product is also FDA listed. Its NDC number is 77239-231-11.

Our Medical grade sanitizer kills bacteria and viruses on contact. When applied to your hands or mask, it provides 4-hour continuous viral and bacterial killing protection. The formula is natural, alcohol free, non-toxic, and Doctor recommended.

While sanitizing and protecting, its clean, fresh fragrance refreshes and extends the life of your mask.

Woman Minority Owned Enterprise

Meditizer LLC is Wyoming Limited Liability Company and is majority owned by a woman of Hispanic American descent. An entrepreneurial spirit for over 30-years, the owner has built multiple successful companies and was previously a well-known voice-talent who’s voice was used to process over 50 million telephone calls. The company is primarily family run and great care is taken in processing each order and making sure it is shipped on-time with full tracking. We also donate 10% of our profit to Christian ministries and to help widows and orphans whenever possible. We appreciate your business and support greatly. We pray that the Lord will keep all our staff, agents and customers healthy, happy and blessed.

We're on a Mission

Our Story:

Our world changed in 2019 when Covid 19 spread across the globe and infected millions of people causing serious harm to individuals, families, businesses, economies and even nations.  The world will never be the same as viral pathogens have spread to the ends of the earth.  We decided to combat the spread of these deadly viruses and do everything we could to help protect precious human lives and the families that viral pathogens can devastate.

We searched the world to find a non-toxic hand sanitizer that would truly kill deadly pathogens. We finally found the perfect combination of alcohol-free ingredients and a patented process that helps save lives and provides 4-hour continuous protection after every application.

We knew we had to protect doctors, nurses and patients at the front line of the pathogen war. We had to find a solution that was FDA Cleared so hospitals and care centers can safely use it.  So, we did! We knew we had to protect our children in schools so we needed something that would work on skin and on high touch surfaces like desks, chairs, lockers and sports equipment. So, we did! We found the perfect way to protect students, teachers and athletes as well as protect all the high touch surfaces using two unique products. We knew we had to protect people wherever they went and even if they were traveling by plane, car or bus. We had to find something that would be approved by airports, airlines, and public transportation authorities.  So, we did!

This is how it all got started. Dreams and visions became reality, and a new product was born - Meditizer, medical-grade sanitizer with 4-hour protection that kills Covid 19 and over 30 other pathogens on contact.

Our team now delivers the most powerful pathogen-killing solution in the world. Our solution accomplishes our mission without using alcohol or any harmful chemicals.