It’s safe to travel again with medical-grade Meditizer with 4-hour protection against 30-deadly pathogens

In 2022 airline infection rates reached an all-time high, with nearly one in every four flights having a passenger diagnosed with COVID-19. The airline industry suffered a financial loss of up to $90 billion in revenue. This had a tremendous impact on airline employees, airline services and travelers alike.

The airline industry is now looking to 2023 with the hope of a return to pre-pandemic levels. However, airline infection rates are still projected to remain relatively high. As such, travelers should take precautions when planning their airline trips.

Meditizer is a revolutionary new tool that airline travelers can use to decrease the chances of contracting an infection while traveling. This cutting-edge technology kills over 30-deadly pathogens on contact without waiting for or using any toxic chemicals. The genius behind Meditizer is its’s patented water-based product that uses Copper & Magnesium infused microplates to mechanically kill pathogens on contact instead of harsh chemicals.

Meditizer goes on smooth, doesn’t smell or sting and moisturizes skin. By utilizing Meditizer, airline travelers can travel with greater confidence knowing they are taking steps to protect themselves and others from airline infection rates.

By understanding airline infection rates and utilizing safety tools like Meditizer, airline travelers can better protect themselves and others while traveling in 2023. The airline industry’s financial recovery depends on airline passengers returning to the skies, so airline travelers should take the necessary steps to ensure they are traveling safely and responsibly.

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