School Sanitizer – the New Standards

Schools and universities are increasingly turning to new technology to prevent infection, reduce sick days, eliminate temporary help expenses and save lives. Meditizer is a revolutionary medical-grade sanitizer that uses a unique copper-infused magnesium microplatelets and benzalkonium chloride solution to kill over 30 deadly pathogens on contact without waiting for chemicals to work. This FDA cleared and USPTO patented sanitizer provides superior protection against Covid-19, Omicron, C.Diff and other dangerous pathogens.

The use of wall-mounted dispensers containing alcohol-based hand rubs has been replaced with Meditizer in many schools and universities across the country. Administrators are deploying medical grade hand soap, hand sanitizer, mask & surface spray, wet wipes and pathogen blasters to lower their infection rates and reduce the time it takes to sanitize every student, faculty member, locker, desk, chair, sports equipment or even entire rooms with Meditizer.

Meditizer is gentle on skin unlike alcohol-based formulas which can cause skin irritation in some people. It also lasts up to 4 hours after each use providing long lasting protection from germs and bacteria. Schools are now able to provide a safe environment for students by using this medical grade sanitizer which is setting the new standard for using non-toxic chemicals to kill dangerous pathogens on contact.

By deploying Meditizer products such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, room foggers and pathogen blasters schools are able to quickly disinfect lockers, desks, chairs, sports equipment and more – fast while keeping students safe from germs and bacteria. With its superior protection against Covid-19, Omicron C Diff and other dangerous pathogens Meditizer is becoming the go-to choice for schools looking for an effective way of preventing infection while reducing sick days and eliminating temporary help expense and saving lives.



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