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Alcohol Free

Alcohol-free Medical-Grade Sanitizer to kill 30 deadly pathogens on contact


Pediatricians prefer Meditizer because it contains zero toxic chemicals and is safe for children

4-Hr Protection

Provides 4-hours continuous protection on skin and 12-days on surface after each use

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Spray hands, masks & surfaces frequently
  • Fog every keyboard, phone & equipment
  • Blast high touch surfaces
  • Wipe every tray
  • Use touchless dispensers regularly
  • Hand out single use packs to all guests & with every meal
  • Meditizer is a pleasant experience without any toxic chemicals
  • Staff members can wash their hands & get 4-hour protection by using Meditizer Hand Sanitizer without drying out their skin
  • Meditizer doesn’t smell, sting or stain clothes
  • Your staff will thank you for providing a pleasant, yet effective solution instead of forcing them to use products with alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide which can cause skin or respiratory problems.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Soap Dispenser

Touchless Dispenser

Pathogen Blaster

A revolutionary bacteria and pathogen defense system, Meditizer provides antibacterial protection against pathogens in a one-step application that is alcohol free. Meditizer kills COVID-19 and other pathogens on contact and uses a unique, proprietary and patented mode of action that penetrates the epidermis to provide continuous protection. Newest protection.

In addition, Meditizer will provide maximum protection for 4-continuous hours.



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